inventory creation

On or Off-Site capabilities. A Plus Field Operative will arrive onsite within 24- 72 hours to compile an inventory & take digital photo/video of the loss items.  Inventories will be consolidated based on damage, will be detailed by room & condition (cleanable, salvageable, & total loss.) Inventories may also be created via-phone/office visit.


A Plus performs contents manipulation/ removal, which includes disposal of total loss items &/or packaging & storage of contents items post-cleaning. When A Plus’ scope of work is finalized, the residence will be completely ready for recon.  Cleaned items will be packed back into residence when ready.


Inventory will be evaluated & valued utilizing LKQ (RCV & ACV.) Spreadsheets are customizable. Valuations provided with guaranteed accuracy & turn-around. Inventory can be organized by condition, room, category, etc. A Plus can provide monthly progress reports to Carrier. Contents valuations are provided with guaranteed accuracy & turn-around.


Oftentimes, there are total loss items onsite that still hold value in an open market. A Plus will always complete an assessment of the loss items to determine salvageable property, & will take possession to re-sell for a monetary return to the carrier.  Why throw it away when we can re-sell it for a return to you?!

Contents & Dry Cleaning

From clothing & textiles to hard goods, A Plus can provide a cleaning solution for all contents.  Clothing & textiles will be dry-cleaned/laundered, & hard goods will be cleaned & sanitized accordingly.  After a thorough cleaning all items will be stored with climate control, & will be packed back in once the recon is completed.

fulfillment & receipt audits

A Plus fulfills contents replacement & conducts replacement receipt audits for depreciation recovery.  From furniture to electronics & everything in between, we can deliver replacement items to policyholders when beneficial.  If an insured chooses to replace items on their own, A Plus will audit replacement receipts to verify LKQ & a recovery amount.

submit a contents claim

From bustling cities to peaceful farm towns, A Plus Contents offers nation-wide coverage.  We can perform our full comprehensive suite of services, or can conduct any service exclusively.  Feel free to choose the option(s) that best suit your needs for each claim.